When possible, I reply to emails within a few hours at most. However, I’m currently fast drafting (writing) two books at once, and the biggest American holidays are approaching, please allow up to 72 hours (not including weekends) to receive my reply for the remainder of 2019. A more steady schedule will resume early 2020. Thank you for your understanding!

Frequently Asked

What are you currently working on?

At this time, I’m not yet ready to reveal anything about my debut project save what is on this website already. Check back soon, and follow me on Instagram/Twitter to keep up with the latest updates.

What happened to This Savage Kiss?

Due to the dark/heavy nature, I’ve decided to push back this project until the two companion novels are released.

Do you plan on returning to youtube?

I’m in the middle of editing a new channel trailer and planning a few videos to prerecord! They will be live sooner than you may think!

Can you help me with my author website?

At this time, I’m not capable of extending my skills or love of web design out to anyone (including me, sadly). Thanks for your interest, though!

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