Cover Mockup Reveal: This Savage Kiss


Hello, my Savage Sweeties! I haven’t been as open with TSK as I have been in the past with other (delayed) projects. It’s both strategic and a little sadistic; however, this WIP is something I’m a little more protective of in that it’s about much heavier subject matter.

Yes, this is a New Adult Romance project. Yes, it involves serial killers.

A little WIP tea for you…

I’ll admit that my being so vague may flash more dramatics to the project in the minds of the few. TSK is the darkest, most provocative original fiction project I’ve ever taken on. The Thriller (borderline Horror) subgenres are what terrify me the most: if I’m being totally honest.

This is the first story since finding the devout faith and church of outlining that I’m pantsing. Yes, I have a vague story beat in my head, but I’ve also strayed from writing anything down because the best content (that isn’t being deleted) is stuff I’m writing at the speed of my bullshit.

I’m freaking stoked at the direction!

But none of this has to do with the cover mockup reveal, so I’ll touch this can of worms in a later blog post. Kay?

The mockup reveal

I’m really proud of this! I’ve tried to capture a number of things and even had a previous version that didn’t quite fit.

What do you see in this mockup cover? Let me know in the comments! 

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